Balatro What-If calculator.

Balatro is a fun game, but my math skills are pretty mediocre, at best. A lot of the time I have a hard time knowing if my hand I am thinking of playing is going to reach the stated score I need to reach, especially on boss blinds like The Needle, The Eye, or The Mouth where I can only play one hand, or one specific type of hand. So I made this little fairly throwaway tool, originally in LINQPad, but that's only useful for me on my PC, or others who have the tool. So I used ChatGPT to translate to Javascript, and made this instead.


Type your current round score into the round score box. Type the amount you need to reach in the current blind into the Blind Score box.
Look at the X * Y box for the hand you're thinking of playing, and type the blue value for chips, the red value for mult.
You don't have to do the math yourself, just type each chip and mult value, separated by spaces, and the calculator adds them up for you.
Since order of multipliers matters, and order of jokers matters, type from left to right into the mult box as things occur. You'll have to watch how the game does these calculations in order to get used to this. Type regular multipliers as digits, and type X multipliers as 'x1.5', 'X3', etc.